How United Material Is Responding to COVID-19

How United Material Is Responding to COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every one of us, changing our daily lives and shifting the health and economy of the world, here at United Material, we are working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees and striving to protect the health and well-being of the communities we operate. As we move through this together, we want you to know about the steps we are taking as our part.

Our Top Priority Is the Safety of Our Employees and Customers

Whether United Material employees are performing critical work in the offices, factories, in the field, in our labs, across our supply chains or remotely, we make sure everyone is doing their jobs as safely as possible.

  • To minimize the spread of the virus, we follow all the directives of the governments and public health officials of the countries in which we do business with.
  • Our Taiwan HQ office remains open but we have paused all business travel, non-essential events, and supplier visits during this critical time.
  • Reinforce and enhance employee’s and suppliers’ safety SOPs, including daily temperature check, physical distancing protocols and elevated cleaning procedures, increasing sterilizing of facilities
  • Establishing a comprehensive visitor screening process
  • Require More Accurate Supply Chain Information, on top of our regular checks with our suppliers of any delivery and lead time changes.
  • Implementing a new contract manufacturing and supply chain strategy for the flexibility of volume changes and unforeseen events. In addition, United Material has increased our safety stock level 300% to avoid material shortages as prevention.
  • Continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely: our approach is based on the guidance and policy from the following sources: WHO, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Health Command Center (NHCC) measures, such as travel notice and face mask policy.

Business Returning to Normal

Luckily, being in Taiwan has become our advantage during this unprecedented time with the fast spread of the coronavirus : We are the least affected by Coronavirus, compared to many other countries in the world. Given that, United Material is able to deliver the same performance for our clients without interruption or delays. COVID-19 has not impacted equipment, parts and supplies availability, nor our support and our services to customers. We are pleased to report that we are at normal production and fulfillment levels.

Though the global environment may have changed or affected, our commitment to your business remains the same. Together, as a company, we are committed to making sure our employees remain safe and our customers are supplied as quickly and efficiently as possible.. Thank you for your continued support as we work through this together. We wish you and your family safety and good health.

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